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Section Val-David-Val-Morin of the path now subject to the current access fares to Parc régional de Val-David-Val-Morin

April 4, 2017

The access to the section Val-David-Val-Morin of the path is no longer free but now subject to the current access fares to Parc régional de Val-David-Val-Morin.

Thanks to the users to respect this new rule in order to keep good relationship between all the partners.

For information –
Access fares to Parc régional de Val-David-Val-Morin :  winter – summer

Map printing made easier

April 4, 2017

It is now easier to print the maps of the path and to share the contents of our web site. Indeed, at the foot of every page, buttons were set up to print the page or share the link by e-mail or on Facebook.

Plus, a simple click on the image of a map or on one of the panels (Panneaux du sentier) also allows to see it in its entirety. A right click of the mouse on this enlarged image, gives the option to open it in a new tab.  Once in this new tab, a new right click in the margin allows generally to print it by means of the print manager of your computer, according to your personal parameters.

Other improvements are to come for the summer!