The hunting season is going on

This year, the hunting season is going on from September 7 to November 15.

During that period, for safety reason, parts of the trails are closed.

LA MACSHANE, completely

About half of PRÉFONTAINE-D’EN-HAUT, starting at chemin Huot.

About half of RANGS INACHEVÉS, starting at rang 9 up to chemin du P’tit Bonheur.

It is very important to comply to this condition requested by owner of the private properties where the trail is passing.  On the other hand, hikers are welcomed on these private properties the rest of the year.

**WARNING – Section closed – Ongoing logging

UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION September 29, 2019

As we do not know yet up to where the logging will extend, we have no choice but to close a larger part of this section.


A large part of the section Les Terres de Miron will be closed at least for a year during authorized logging.

No passing will be allowed on about three quarters of the trail starting at the entry chemin de la Montagne Noire in Lantier.

However, the other part, starting at chemin Val-des-Lacs in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, up to the first point of view, still open for the next season.

Les Terres de Miron – The part circled in red is closed.

Time for good hikes

After the Spring clean-up, some big fallen trees had to be cleared from the way by volunteers.

Mark-ups were refreshed in most sections and even if  some trimming still need here and there, the trail is more than ever ready to welcome you this fall.

**WARNING** Ongoing logging in the Eastern part of Les Terres de Miron. This part will therefore be closed for about a year. (see details under ALERTS)

Thanks again to those named earlier for their work and availability including Jean-Claude and François who joined the “team” lately.

Les Rangs inachevés : clear access

The section LES RANGS INACHEVÉS is now open, accessible and workable from one end to the other.

After the logging close to the rue Degrosbois access, after the bridge, the trail had to be redesigned  and marked to go through the part left fallow before re-entering the forest.  For the time being, red and blue ribbons can be followed easily.

On your way, wood residues and small branches are easy to stamped or stepped over.  In the forest, you may need to push away few branches or go around fallen trees, but nothing will hinder your hike.

A clean-up bee should be organised before fall.

the part of this section between Rang 9 and chemin du P’tit Bonheur will be closed for the coming hunting season
(September 28-November 15)

Part of La Préfontaine-d’en-Haut temporarily closed

Due to a change of owner, negotiations have to be completed about the right of passage over a part of La Préfontaine-d’en-Haut section.

We are talking of the same part that is closed during the hunting season on 3.8 km starting at chemin Huot in Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides (which is up to the higher point of this section).

If you walk starting at the opposite end, from chemin Turdeau, you will have to turn around and come back on your steps at about one kilometer after the shelter (this is where the path starts to go down very seriously  – as a landmark, the sign in place during the hunting season may still there).

Anyhow, this section worth to be walked and explored for the 3 kilometers that still accessible in the meantime, especially for the point of view around the shelter.

Les Rangs inachevés : logging is finished but…

The logging in Les RANGS INACHEVÉS section is finished,  but it is better not to venture there immediately because of the part left fallow not far from the access on the P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park (Ivry/chemin Desgrobois).

Part of the cleaning was done recently, but there still a lot of work to be done to clear and mark the route to reach the forest through the part left fallow.

We will keep you informed of the developments.

The forest is such a beautiful place!

 (Report of the cleaning weekend in the PMEV trail)

The sections MACSHANE and AU PAYS DE KAAIKOP have been completely cleaned apart from some large trees that can be easily bypassed for now. Very nice work of several days including the refresh markup in La MacShane.
THANKS to Sandra, John and Normand.
Same thing for the PREFONTAINE-D’EN-HAUT section, from Trudeau Street (Château-Bleu) up to one kilometer past the refuge except for the beginning of the trail, still too wet or completely soaked. For now, it’s better to have waterproof boots or shoes to get through it.
THANKS to Catherine, Johanne, Serge and Suzanne.

LES RESERVES NATURELLES are also free of branches or other obstacles along the entire length, with some detours marked with blue ribbon around a wetland and some trees too big to be moved.
THANKS to Colette and Georges from the Club des Randonneurs de St-Jérôme and to Lawrence.

In the RANGS INACHEVÉS section, even if the logging is finished, it will take a lot of work to clear and mark the route to reach the forest through the part left fallow. It is better not to venture there immediately. We will keep you informed of the developments.
THANKS to Yves and Laurent who have already spent a busy day there.

Finally, the SAINT-AGRICOLE section has been cleaned from one end to the other. Two large trees that fell across the trail were delimbed to allow them to pass over without injury. The work to take these out of the way remains to be done.
THANKS to Pascal and Victor.

As for the VAL-DAVID-VAL-MORIN section, it was taken over by the Regional Park management in collaboration with the citizens who took part in the chores of the park.

Future efforts will be focused on refreshing markup in most sections. Volunteers for this work are always welcome (paint provided).

The other sections also deserve our attention, notice to those who frequent them.

It’s always time to do some cleaning in the sections you like or to contact us to join the teams that are occasionally trained for a particular release or repair work. Keep us informed of your efforts, that we enjoy sharing, or the needs for some heavy works you notice while on the trail.

Another BIG THANKS to all for this collective spirit. That is what makes the forest such a beautiful place!



Let’s take the ball, before the fly season! (Clean-up duty May 25)

Even if spring is long overdue, it’s time to think about preparing the trail to maximize the enjoyment of your next hikes. Windy autumn and winter left numerous traces and some sections were more affected than others.

On Saturday May 25, you are therefore invited to participate to a clean-up duty to your measure.

By the morning, we will wait for you at to organize teams at
Centre de plein air Camping Ste-Agathe
2, chemin du Lac-des-Sables (corner of route 329 – opposite side of Théâtre Le Patriote)
in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

Please indicate the time you can spend with us, the tools you can bring
(pruners, shears, etc.) and the part of the path you choose, if you have a preference.

Those who can supply and operate a chainsaw are welcome to assist with more important clearance work.

Mainly, we need to…

  • clear the passage of easily movable fallen branches, prune as necessary;
  • re-marking trails;
  • identify and report heavier work needs (i.e. fallen trees obstructing the path).

Make it your first outing of the season, with family, friends or with your bowling club!

If this date does not suits you but you would like to participate at another time,
please contact us. We would be happy to discuss it and put it on our calendar.

Reminder and recommendations:

  • choose temperature-appropriate clothing (long sleeves and long pants preferred)
  • wear work gloves
  • bring some water and your lunch
  • take along the tools you have
  • mosquito repellent and/or sunscreen may be necessary

We are looking forward to enjoy nature with you!

Laurent Paquette
Chargé de projet
819 219-2660

After rain and freezing rain

After a lot of cleaning in most of the sections of the trail this fall (big thanks to volonteers and other sponsors), winter was there before we could enjoy it. But these last weeks, rain and freezing rain made some more damages on the trail. Small and not so small branches may block the way. Nevertheless, you can always enjoy going out snowshoeing. In this case, we recommend that you take along hand saw and pruning shear. If it is possible, for the easy part, you could free the way as much as you can, it will be very appreciated.

Thank you!

P.S. For more important damages, please let us know by e-mail at with details as much as you can on the location. Thanks again!

Sections temporarily closed

Reminder : Closed sections until November 16 (hunting season)
– La MacShane;
– Les Rangs inachevés, between rang 9 and chemin du P’tit Bonheur;
– Part of La Préfontaine-d’en-Haut, on the first 3.8 km starting at chemin Huot (that is up to the higher point of this section).

For your safety,  you must comply with this land owners’ condition who generously let us enjoy the trail the rest of the year.

The part of section Les Rangs inachevés, starting at Ivry, closed this summer because of ongoing logging, will need to be cleaned and marked again before its access is authorized.

For the time being, it is too difficult to walk through the mess and, as markers have disappeared, there is a risk to get lost in the forest.  We will keep you informed.