Enjoy harmony between man and nature all year round

The Indian summer is already far and colors soared. Never mind, before whiteness offers us a quite new landscape, walking and hiking stays the most invigorating activity and a good way to plan snowshoewing time to come.

During the last few months, many volunteers participated in cleaning and/or marking of:
… section Les Réserves naturelles;
… section Au Pays de Kaaikop;
… section Les Terres de Miron, including both accesses at chemin du Lac-Maxime and chemin de la Montagne-Noire.

Many many thanks to those who will recognize themselves!!!

Reminder : Closed sections until November 16 (hunting season)
– La MacShane;
– Les Rangs inachevés, between rang 9 and chemin du P’tit Bonheur;
– Part of La Préfontaine-d’en-Haut, on the first 3.8 km starting at chemin Huot (that is up to the higher point of this section).

For your safety,  you must comply with this land owners’ condition who generously let us enjoy the trail the rest of the year.

The part of section Les Rangs inachevés, starting at Ivry, closed this summer because of ongoing logging, will need to be cleaned and marked again before its access is authorized.

For the time being, it is too difficult to walk through the mess and, as markers have disappeared, there is a risk to get lost in the forest.  We will keep you informed.

The accesses of sections Mount-Catherine and Préfontaine-d’en-Haut were definitively settled at the very top of Trudeau street.

From its start, La Préfontaine-d’en-Haut was redrawn on a distance of about 1.5 km. As long as the path will not enough have been walked and seem highly frequented, be attentive to the marks to avoid leaving in a wrong direction.

During the winter, there will be no other choice but to park down the street and walk up to the entrances where direction of both sections are clearly indicated.