During winter


The trail Par Monts et Vals is available to snowshoers in the winter on all sections, except the following:

• Val-David-Val-Morin
• The Lantiéroise
• a portion of the upper Prefontaine
• The linear parkway, Le P’tit Train du Nord

In some sections, the steeper  parts, built with steps and plateaus, requires more caution and flexibility and could be challenging to some snowshoers:
• section of Mount Catherine
• section of Saint-Agricole
• Section lands Miron

There is a shelter on the upper Prefontaine and another on the Lantiéroise. However, there is a separate winter path so see the directions in the trail description section.

Walking  speed is slower in winter than in the other seasons, and you should reduce your hiking distance by 50% when compared to the other seasons. Keep in mind that the sun sets much earlier and the temperature drops more quickly, so plan your return to avoid using a headlamp.

NEVER walk on cross country skiing trails with snowshoes. Your tracks could cause falls and injury to skiers.

Equipment and food

Besides snowshoes, boots and suitable clothing, some people wear gators, bring a jacket for the stops, and hand warmers are also handy. Bring foods that are easy to eat, so your body will lose less heat during short stops.

Don’t forget to hydrate, as you will sweat, even in winter. Hot drinks are preferable (hot chocolate, soup, tea, coffee) and avoid alcohol. Keep your thermos next to the food to keep it from freezing.