You like the outdoors and hiking? The mountain needs you as much as you need it! Participate in its maintenance and ADOPT-A-TRAIL!

The ADOPT-A-TRAIL program offers you the opportunity of taking over the maintenance of a portion of the Par Monts and Val trail.

The trail is continuously subjected to changing conditions: new vegetation, wind, water, lightning, high traffic, neglect, vandalism, lack of awareness and imperfections in the trail. The condition of the infrastructure, signage and trail markers require continuous maintenance, and keeps the trail in good condition.


When you ADOPT-A-TRAIL, you agree to walk the section of trail you have sponsored regularly (at least once a month), and do light maintenance work to keep the trail clear of branches, brush and other debris that could obstruct it.

Heavy work will be done on organized work days.

ADOPT-A-TRAIL alone or with other hikers, who are also interested in enjoying trails in good condition.The shortest section is only 2.6km and other sections can be subdivided into segments.

Be committed to your area! Be active outdoors! Give back! ADOPT-A-TRAIL!

For more information or to ADOPT-A-TRAIL, send an email to parmontsetvals@gmail.com, indicating your name, address and telephone number, and we will contact you to set up your “adoption.”