Part of La Préfontaine-d’en-Haut temporarily closed

Due to a change of owner, negotiations have to be completed about the right of passage over a part of La Préfontaine-d’en-Haut section.

We are talking of the same part that is closed during the hunting season on 3.8 km starting at chemin Huot in Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides (which is up to the higher point of this section).

If you walk starting at the opposite end, from chemin Turdeau, you will have to turn around and come back on your steps at about one kilometer after the shelter (this is where the path starts to go down very seriously  – as a landmark, the sign in place during the hunting season may still there).

Anyhow, this section worth to be walked and explored for the 3 kilometers that still accessible in the meantime, especially for the point of view around the shelter.