Les Rangs inachevés : clear access

The section LES RANGS INACHEVÉS is now open, accessible and workable from one end to the other.

After the logging close to the rue Degrosbois access, after the bridge, the trail had to be redesigned  and marked to go through the part left fallow before re-entering the forest.  For the time being, red and blue ribbons can be followed easily.

On your way, wood residues and small branches are easy to stamped or stepped over.  In the forest, you may need to push away few branches or go around fallen trees, but nothing will hinder your hike.

A clean-up bee should be organised before fall.

the part of this section between Rang 9 and chemin du P’tit Bonheur will be closed for the coming hunting season
(September 28-November 15)