Here is a map of the entire trail, a distance of 65 km.


Parking spaces are provided near several of the trail’s accesses. Elsewhere, it is generally possible to park on the road shoulder safely by making sure that the way is not blocked and, above all, that your car will be seen by motorists coming from both sides. If necessary, select a location away from the access if these two criteria cannot be met. Be cautious when walking along the roadside or crossing the roadway. Do not park on private land.

Map of parking spaces located near the trail’s accesses

HERE ARE THE 11 sections OF THE intervillages TRAIL

1 – Les réserves naturelles (Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts)

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5.5 km one way | beginner/intermediate| 2 accesses

2 – Les rangs inachevés

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10.2 km one way| intermediate| 4 accesses

3 – P’tit Bonheur

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3.5 km one way| intermediate| 3 accesses

4 – Saint-Agricole

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2.9 km one way | intermediate| 2 accesses

5 – Les terres de Miron

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9.1 km one way| intermediate | 2 accesses

6 – La Lantiéroise

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7.1 km one way | beginner/intermediate | 3 accesses

7 – Au pays du Kaaikop

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4.9 km one way | beginner/intermediate| 3 accesses

8 – La MacShane

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2.6 km one way| beginner/intermediate | 2 accesses

9 – La Préfontaine-d’en-haut

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6.8 km one way| beginner/intermediate | 5 accesses

10 – Mont-Catherine

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4.6 km one way| beginner/intermediate| 2 accesses

11 – Val-David-Val-Morin (admission fee)

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7.3 km one way| intermediate | 2 accesses